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Attack on Titan CHAIN boxart, trailer ⊟

Spike Chunsoft will release Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind CHAIN, an update to last year’s seemingly rushed 3DS game, in Japan this December. The update will be available as paid DLC (around $20) to owners of the original game, as well as a standalone retail game.

CHAIN adds four-player online co-op play with limited text chat and rankings, improved controls, interface enhancements, balance tweaks, and Circle Pad Pro support. It will also offer new stages, missions, modes, characters, voices, Titans, Titan behaviors, costumes, weapons, and more.

Watch the new trailer past the post break:

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Remember when Nickelodeon had attempted suicide?



Remember when Nickelodeon had actual suicide?

Remmeber when they had Mpreg



remember when they had a gay couple

Nickelodeon:Pushing the boundaries since 1977


they put squidward in hell


remember when nickelodeon had spongebob watching porn

Spongebob seems to be the culprit in much of this…


Remember when Spongebob had an anal rape joke? 

Remember Rocko’s Modern Life?


Just. Rocko’s Modern Life. In it’s entirety.

lets not forget this

That last one holy crap

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Flying Beverages, Photo Series by Manon Wethly | Website

Belgium-based photographer and designer Manon Wethly used her Instagram account to start this incredible personal project featuring captures of airborne drinks.

“No liquid is safe from being catapulted in front of her camera, Wethly uses coffee, milk, juice, water and other drinks to get the perfect mix of form and color to make some pretty fantastic shots. She says most of the photos are captured with her iPhone though she’s also begun experimenting with larger cameras.” (via)

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I actually tell my students this all the time. Watch a kid learning how to walk, and don’t tell me that’s not hard. And you DID that. At one point, the hardest thing you could imagine was learning how to write your name. You don’t remember the struggle anymore, but you got through it and now you don’t even think about it. Now writing your name is considered the easiest thing we can ask you to do. 

So don’t beat yourselves up too much. You’ve already done great things. You didn’t do them easily. You worked hard. Keep working hard, and you’ll do more great things. Promise.